02 – Code Walkthrough

In this video, we walkthrough the code line-by-line. Word macros have a bad rep because of all the nasties that have occurred in the past, but as we’ll see, when you look at the code itself (and follow along) there’s nothing to be concerned about. You may... read more

Simple Mail Merge Using Excel

A question was asked on Quora about how to merge a list of 500+ names into a Microsoft Word form. Word’s mail merge feature is a very powerful and useful tool that makes doing this very easy.Though there are alternative ways to do this, the easiest and best way... read more

Word’s Repeatable Elements

Though Microsoft Word has an abundance of automated/repeatable elements, the core set of Document Properties are by far the easiest to add, manage, and edit. This short video shows how to access and manage these built-in properties: If you struggle with Word in your... read more