Tip #1 – Word’s Styles

Here we look at THE most important element of Microsoft Word – styles. Forget what anyone else has taught or told you about Word, if you don’t know about, learn, and master styles, you will always struggle with Word. They’re that important and tie... read more

Tip #4 – Insert Pictures

Pictures are the bane of many a Microsoft Word author and document… Have you ever moved an image on a page only to find out that it ‘messed’ up your entire document? Many have. But, as always, there’s a reason (styles: it’s always styles).... read more

Tip #5 – Pasting into Word

“Hey Russ, can you lock the template down so our authors can’t break it?” If only I had a dollar for every time I‘ve been asked that… My reply is, “I can, but it’d be much more fruitful to teach them how to use Word.” Imagine the... read more

Tip #6 – Show/Hide Characters

As unsightly and in-the-way as they are, you need to have your Show/Hide Characters displayed when editing your work. Show/Hide Characters are essential when doing anything other than writing in Word It’s essential that you can see what’s going on in your... read more